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>> martha: really nice. >> bill: it used to be our studio and we have come down to the -- >> martha: it's going to be nice. tell them what is coming up next. >> bill: happening now, startst. >> martha: have a great sunday. see you later tonight. >> we are joining the party on sunday for brand-new stories and breaking news. >> that's right. two days to go until election day and the race for the white house, getting even tighter. what new polls have to say about key battleground states. and the aftermath of super storm sand, hundreds of thousands of people without power and sparking new concerns for the victims as temperatures drop in a new nor'easter is on the way. the latest on that. and the fallout from calls for a congressional investigation into the deadly benghazi terror attack, is the white house responds to new questions about the timeline of events. more on the still developing
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story of who knew what and when, all happening now. some new polls in key battleground state, show fresh twists and turns in the white hour, the latest evidence that tuesday's outcome is anything but certain, which is why you have to watch the news, fox news, specifically. >> bill: everybody's on the bubble. we might know something wednesday morning, but we might not. less than 48 hours to go now until many millions of americans go to the polls to make their choice for president. early voting and absentee ballots already have received the votes of millions as governor romny and president obama are in campaign overdrive in the tossup states that could deliver victory. let's take a look at the
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governor in iowa, before he headed to ohio, pennsylvania and virginia. hoar's the president in new hampshire, before going to florida, ohio, colorado and eventually, wisconsin. the latest real clear politics average shows the president with a razor edge lead, 2/10 of 1%, new polls show the race too close to call in three battleground states. the president is leading in ohio by the margin of error. take a look at the state of the race in pennsylvania. a survey finds both men tied in pennsylvania. in new hampshire, another tie, that's according to wmur, granite state poll there. let's talk about it with david druker, associate politics editor for roll call. have you ever seen a race this tight this, close to the election? >> vinever seen a race where i honestly couldn't figure out
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what was going to happen. when the votes are counted and we know who won, i think somebody, somewhere is going to turn out to be very wrong because there is lots of conflicting data out there. >> sure, the democrats and the republicans... have vastly different numbers in their own polling. and one side or the other is going to be wrong because they are using the wrong sample size or sample set. >> that's correct. you know, as i have looked at this, i think you have different assumptions about turnout. we always joke, the cliche, it depends on turnout. but scientifically or more practically, you are going to get more democrats than republicans to show up by a wide margin, you are going to get something close to even between republicans and democrats or possibly you are going to have a republican edge. and historically, democrats out perform republicans by, you know, a poign, two points or
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three points. it is not usually like 20 very 8, when it was by 8 points. so i think the question is, are we going to see a repeat of the 2008 turnout, where the democrats did the best they have done in a gen scpraigz we have seen in many of the sampling of the state polls that look good for the president, or something closer to 2004, in which president bush at the time squeaked out a narrow victory. i think these are the questions that i am trying to figure out. i look at it like this, if have you historic democratic turnout, the idea of republican intensity and enthusiasm is a myth. you can't, to my mind, have both. >> bill: let's take a look at the washington post national poll. they took a look across the country and found this race tied. 48% each. that does left 4% undecided. i will get to that in just a minute. let's take a look at the real
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clear politics national average. they take the polls and combine them and take the average. 1/10 percent lead for president obam a. again, you have 4%, or 5% undecided. the question i keep asking, david, is if after four years of an obama administration, people are undecided, might they not be inclined to try the guy who hasn't had the office yet? >> they might. we have seen in past electrics, where undecided voters at this late date, by and large go with the challenger. but the question, too, given how decide divided the country is, are they going to show up? if they don't, who does that hurt? who does that help? it also is interesting because you have this race, by and large, focused on about 10 battleground states, very
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intensely treally hasn't been a national campaign, given that everybody's been traveling to the same, you know, 8 to 10 states. i think that, you know, could have an effect on the outcome. >> so many of these states have never seen the negative advertising because they don't play in states that are red or blue. a couple of quick thing, pennsylvania tied in that one poll. the democrats say that's the republicans blowing smoke. but the recommendny campaign is spending some money there. they think they have a serious chance to win pennsylvania. do you agree? >> i think they do have a chance. i am skeptical that they can win pennsylvania because it's been very difficult for several years, several elections. i don't think they would be going to the philadelphia subushes today if they didn't think they had a shot. i know that the pittsburgh tribune poll knows when it's doing, they polled pennsylvania state legislative district, not everyone does that. so they have a real good sense
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of the state. there are states that haven't been subjected to the barrage of negative advertising and the economy in pennsylvania is not doing asl good as the national average, if you look at unemployment. so i think the reason they are going there is because it's an opportunity for them to expand the map. if they started going to pennsylvania earlier, i would be skeptical, you don't go four days out, you won't flip it four days out, you would be better off in wisconis -- wisconsin, where they have a republican turnout machine. >> you mentioned turnout. voters who reliably show up are seniors. we go to the political web site from this morning... the president obama -- i am paraphrasing here -- says voters 65 and older have remained basically unchanged and leaned heavily toward romney throughout the campaign. that's been i consistent drag on
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senior-heavy states like florida, ohio, iowa and pennsylvania. despite the talk about adding paul ryan to the ticket and scaring seniors who were, you know, afraid of losing medicare benefits, they have been loyal, romney supporters throughout? >> yeah. whatever happens on tuesday, what we will learn and this is true at comingal level and the house and senate race, adding paul ryan to the ticket and the idea that they are going to voucherrize medicare didn't end up having a significant political impact. i think that's something we know, regardless of who wins. >> bill: but it helped to put wisconsin in play, so maybe the impact is to the positive. >> we will have to find out. >> bill: david druker, thank you. >> any time. >> i think the polittization of this has been unprecedented. but the important thing is that we have to fully understand, what happened here and take the lessons forth so we can protect the diplomats doing heroic work.
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>> the reaction calling for a congressional investigation into the benghazi terror attack, as the white house says, it too, wants to get to the bottom of what happened. what happened led to the murders of four americans. steve centanni thz this has story. >> reporter: a select committee on capitol thoil find out if the white house has been candid. and arizona senator john mccain cited claims by the administration that conflict with a secret cable reviewed by fox news and told judge jeanine last night on fox that the president's trying to promote a false view of the terror threat. >> i think the major point is, is that the president of the united states wanted to say that lad osama bin laden is gone and al qaeda is on the run. cis is actually far, far stronger than they were four years ago. >> democrat on the sunday talks were asked if the president's
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running out the clock until after election day by refusing to comment on the libya attack. they insist that's not the case. the administration has released information as it became available and beyond that, the obama campaign insists the president has no reason to withhold informs and refused to provide security where it's needed. >> this president is 100% committed to the people of the -- he sends overseas personally to represent this country. he is the one who met the coffin when is they came home. any suggestion we would not take the necessary steps to protect them makes a decision not to take the steps to protect them is just nonsense. >> as we move toward a new investigation, this remains a hot political issue. >> that says it right now, steve. that's for sure. ambassador john bolton is here, the former ambassador to the u.n., quite a roundup that steve provided for us. how do we get answers here?
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>> we won't get them from the administration. you saw from those political operatives that they have talking about this that their response to criticism is ad hominem arguments. they are not capable of responding. the tragedy on september 11 was a reflection of a failed obama administration world view, a view that the arab spring had brought democrat to libya in the middle-east, generally, that al qaeda is defeated and the war on terrorism is over. that's what led to the decisions well before the attack in benghazi. not to give enhanced security despite repeated requests from the people on the ground. that's why that cable that fox news came up with that katherine has reported, should have been a fire bell in the night at the state department when it came back to washington, almost four weeks before the attack. >> i have relied on the great reporting by katherine herig and
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jennifer grif and i know fox news in general to be able to report to our viewers, more of a come preet picture about what happened in benghazi on that night of september 11. i am curious about this drip, drip, drip of informs, how is the way this is unfolding affecting our able to do further work in this region of the world? >> well, i think there are two aspects to it. first is that it's six weeks since the attack on the consulate in benghazi. we have taken no retaliation. we have done effectively nothing that at least in public shows that we take the deaths of these four americans seriously. maybe there are things going on behind the scenes. but the administration's whole approach here has been to treat this like a law enforcement matter, the same way they have tried to treat terrorism for the last four years, likeats an aggravated bank robbery. we should have known. most americans have known since the first 9/11 that this is a war. you don't respond to a war with
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criminal law tactics. and i think that the overall impression that the administration gives in the response to benghazi and more broadly, is a signal of weakness. so i think other americans in the missed east -- middle-east and elsewhere are more vulnerable, so are private citizens oversea, doing business. so this gets more serious day by day. >> and my final question for you, today is the anniversary of the iranian hostage crisis. it's been 33 years since that day w52 americans taken hostage in tehran. we are spending a lot of time, talking about benghazi. i am curious, three decades have passed, about our policies at work, in the middle-east and where we are today? >> li think it shows that if you abandon a position of strength in the region, you leave yourself vulnerable. you know, let's not forget the carter administration's weakness demonstrated not only in the
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hostage taking in tehran but ine lack of response to our embass neback stan being burned, our ambassador in afghanistan being assassinated in 1979. i very much fear we are going through the same situation and that the response or lack of response by the administration unfortunately formal shadows more danger. that's a policy, which if continued the next four years, will leave america's special at risk and leave our friends and allies in the middle-east very much at risk. >> i am going to be speaking to two men taken hostage that day and it's something we will talk a lot about on this program. we appreciate your insight. thank you. >> thank you. >> in the northeast, frustration continues to mount, less than a week after super storm sandy ripped through. many power outages have been resolved. manhattan has power. but while some are now seeing relief, the situation is growing
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now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. ♪ >> desperation is mounting for parts of the northeast left reeling from super storm sandy, fights breaking out at gas station, as fuel runs low. and millions are facing a looming nor'easter -- and they have no heather childers is live on the ground in hoboken, new jersey. >> reporter: hey, john. half a dozen people have been arrested so far for jumping those gas lines that you were talking about. we are here in hoboken. 50,000 people live here. only 10,000 are still without power at this hour. fema is set up to help out residents. we are inside a command post. there are charging facilities and stations to charge up your lkz electronic, hot spots for the internet and free food, water and coffee and payment
9:19 am
assistance and information on how it cover from storms like sandy. i am joined by some of the folks in hoboken who are without power at this hour. thank you so much for joining us. how are you surviving? >> lwe are surviving right now without power. we are hoping to get it soon. everybody has been doing such an amazing job. there is a big sense of community. we have been struggling to stay warm, at home. it is around 56 degrees fahrenheit. so we went last night to look for some wood, firewood and we turned on the chimney, we are very fortunate to have one. we cuddled around the chimney with our two dogs and slept there. >> reporter: nice married couple here. neighbors helping out each other. lots of folks staning in line or sitting in line in their cars at gas stations all across new york and new jersey. in new york, 5,000 gallon-trucks have been brought in, set up at
9:20 am
five spots around new york city by the department of defense, giving away free gas. it is first for first responders, but they say they won't turn anyone away. we will be back later today. janet napolitano will be on hand later with governor chris christie at 3:15. >> even 50 miles away from the storm, you can't find an open gas station. it's quite a scene here. >> reporter: nope. >> thank you. >> back to politics now, one of the latest indications of how close this presidential election is. a brand-new poll? one battleground state hoeing a virtual dead heat. as political watchers believe it might be out of reach for governor romney. we will take a closer look at who could ultimately decide who wins the state of pennsylvania. we will get a report from the ground there. who can forget these images? americans taking hostages in
9:21 am
iran 33 years ago today, capturing the world's attention. one of the captives shares his story with us, ahead.
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>> right now, it is game on in pennsylvania, as a new poll show this is battleground state is up for grabs. more on that in just a moment. but first, let's take a closer look at opinion pen's economic situation, the state's unemployment rate is 8.2% higher than the national average, average price for a gallon of gas, $3.66. foreclosure rate, 1 in 513
9:25 am
housing units. president obama has visited pennsylvania twice. governor romney, nine times, but his arrival today will make it 10. we showed you the new poll from the pittsburgh tribune review, showing the men tied at 47%, compared to the real clear politics average for pennsylvania, with the president up by just over 4 points. kol bee hit co-witz has more. what about this? that new poll from the pittsburgh paper has a much tighter race than the average of the polls from real clear politics? why? >> the morning call released a poll, we showed it 3. most of the other independent poles so it 3, 4, 5, but it's a lot closer than is comfortable for the obama campaign. bill clinton is going to be in
9:26 am
pennsylvania tomorrow, in four place, defending obam atrying to insure that the democratic-leaning state stays a democratic state. >> interesting that the president is relying on bill clinton to do that for him at this point in the campaign. they have been from, enemies for a long time. >> it's true. what have you to understand about pennsylvania, in 2008, in the primary, democratic voters wanted hillary clinton. she won the primary. there is a lot of leftover angst about that, so bill clinton instead of obama is a tactical move to reach out to the white, blue-collar voters that obama has had a tough time reaching this year. >> it is a deep blue state, traditionally. but there are a lot of working-class, blue-collar voters who are very upset about the economic situation, that can't help the president right now? >> absolutely. that's why they are sending bill clinton instead of barack obama. romney is expected to do incredibly well in the western
9:27 am
part of the state and is expected to win the west, all of the center. so the battle will be fought in the southeastern part of the state. that's why where have you philadelphia and the southeast suburbs, obama will win philadelphia. but it's the suburbs, where mitt romney is coming, to bucks county, where george w. bush almost won in 2008. came very close to beating ker three. that's where romney thinks he will peel away the voters to beat obama. >> do you think we could wake up wednesday morning and learn of an -- november surprise in pennsylvania? is that a possibility? >> i think that it is not impossible, or if it was impossible, i don't think the romney camp would be spending the time and resources we have seen them go up on the air. we seen the g.o.p. super pacs on the air. do i think it's going to happen? probably not. i think that obottommal squeak out a 2 to 3 to 4-point win in
9:28 am
pennsylvania. but it's not impossible that we wake up and see a romney win. >> why bill clinton and not joe biden? >> that's a good question. boud bide was supposed to come to scranton. the storm sidelined that. and so, biden would have done some of the same. but pennsylvanians love bill clinton. they have always loved him. they love his wife. he is the closer. he's the one it send in for the final argument. >> it lg will be interesting. thank you, kol bee. >> thank you. >> martha: nice to have kol bee on the program with great insights in pennsylvania and a lot of other important -- >> it's good to get the local look at the issues. >> martha: we will be continuing that the next couple of day, to give you a complete picture of the election. in the meantime, we want to turn to this story. it's been 33 years since the oran hostage crisis began. coming up, one of the americans held captive more than a year, he will join us.
9:29 am
he worked at the consulate. his thoughts on where we stand with iran now and his thoughts on the terror attack in benghazi. closing arguments are underway. the final messages from president obama and governor romney with the election day now only 2 days away. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. that moment you enjoy it at home. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard,
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>> we are here with only two days to go until the presidential election. governor romney speak egg short while ago in iowa. president obama address egg crowd in new hampshire. >> as long as there is a single american who wants a job but can't find one, our work is not yet done. as long as there are families working harder and harder but still falling behind, our work is not yet done. as long as there is a child, anywhere in new hampshire, anywhere in this country whose languishing in poverty and barred barred from opportunity, our fight has to go on. >> paul and i have not promised you a bigger check from the government -- and we haven't promised to take from some people to redistribute to you. we have instead promised to rebuild the economy to tame the growth of government and to restore the principles that made
9:34 am
america the greatest nation in the history of the earth. >> those are the closing arguments. what about the merits woo. we have our fox news panelist and a chief adviser to the gore/lieberman campaign. we were speaking to colby from the allentown paper, about president clinton being dispatched to pennsylvania to lift the obama campaign in the last couple of days. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think the race is tightening all around the country. i think that for the same reason florida is tightening and romney was down in florida the last few day, everywhere, it's tightening. to bring in bill clinton, that was a huge asset, described by the reporter. he motivates the democratic base like no one can. i think the margin of victory may be smaller for the democrats, but ultimately, they will still win. >> let's talk, pennsylvania.
9:35 am
are you worried? bill clinton, the big kahuna, for barack obama? >> no. i am not worried. if obama and biden were doing the jobs they were supposed to do, they wouldn't have to bring in bill clinton. right now, they are pulling out all the tops. i think that pennsylvania is winnable from the standpoint of the high unemployment rate. when the people go to the polls, they are going to vote their pocketbook. am i better off today? is this country better off today? and the answer is no. >> so why are the polls so tight? >> the reason the polls are so tight, democrats are very good at advocacy, getting out the vote. we are playing catchup. but the more our surrogates can get out, as tip o'neill says, all politics is local. the more we can get out and fresh the flesh and shake hans, we will be victorious. >> the race has been tighter since the debate.
9:36 am
mitt romney seems to have the momentum. will that carry him across to a victory on election day? angel has very good talking points, but i think that's what they are, talking points. i think if romney's momentum will acknowledge this, after the first debate peeked, the question really becomes, john, in these elections and you allude to it in your question, i think people ultimately vote a gut chick. who do they want the next four years? i think george w. bush was very effect 952004, making the case, versus john kerry, you don't know me. you may not agree with everything i do and say, but you know and you trust me and you bama has made a very effective case in the closing days that even if you don't agree with him, you know who he is. >> i think he is more like a car salesman and that's why he can't close the deal. >> i don't give talking point, number 1. i speak from the gut and from the heart.
9:37 am
speaking from the gut, people are going to go in and look at obama's -- yes, he's a great orator, but what has he done? all of his policies have failed -- >> angela -- [overlapping dialogue] >> let me finish, peter! >> it is not a talking point. it's the truth. mitt romney has a proven record. mitt romney balanced a budget as governor. he worked with democrats. president obama, when he was candidate obama said he would reach across the aisle, but he hasn't. >> peter, there are broken promises here to deal with, the litter of the last four years, especially, getting the deficit under control, reducing the deficit by half. >> john, you are absolutely right. there are some things that did not get done. but to say that nothing has gotten done and he has a failed record on every front, we can talk about the fact that unemployment has come down. we can talk about the area of student loans and hahe has done to give consumers a voice when it comes to credit card
9:38 am
companies and he has done with health care reform. you may not agree with them and angela may have a different world view on whether or not she likes the policies, but she can't argue, no matter what they are in effect, successes that obama can point to -- [overlapping dialogue] >> excuse me, peter. in the black community, the unemployment rate is double digits, latino community, double digits. >> the republican policies don't address black unemployment. >> let's go back to clinton who, signed 70% of the contract with america, off republican policies and that created a better america. >> we will have to leave this there. thank you both. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks, john. >> shocked the civilized world... >> let's glet's go, let's go. >> more than 60 american
9:39 am
celtses...: are being held as hostages. >> if we are going to go, we need to go now. >> that's a movie. that's a clip from argo, the dramatickization of six diplomats in the iran hostage crisis. but 50 other diplomats, not not so cluck lucky. a standoff that begain 33 years ago. 52 americans held more than a year. terror and fear, filling the 444 days. and joining us now, john cook, a former iran hostage who retired from the state department as a senior policy adviser for iran, after more than three decades in foreign service. what a career, don. thank you for your service. >> thank you for having me here. you are very welcome. >> you were 24 years old that day. tell bus it? >> that's right. i was the youngest of the officers there, of the foreign service officers there. there were a number of marines and enlisted who were younger
9:40 am
than i was. >> so what happened? >> well, we were notified there were going to be demonstrations that day and demonstrations were not uncommon in iran. but at this point, our national police guards disappeared and it looked like it was going to be much more significant. so i was in the back of the compound in a different building, in the consulate. the same building that the six people other than who escaped with the canadians in the film arbow go. we locked up and watched as the demonstrators came in and surrounded the main embassy building. after several hours, we were given the go ahead to try to leave through a back door, one that opened on a street where there were no demonstrators. now, my colleagues made it out ahead of me and they got to safety. but i was with a group of people that made it about two blocks away and we were turned back pie ban armed iranian revolutionary
9:41 am
guardsmen when he stuck ag 3 rifle above our heads and fire aid couple of rounds and took us back. >> what were the next 444 days like? >> it was a combination of tiresome, boredom, punctuated by stark terror. while most of it was the boredom part. the stark terror part is the part that you really remember. >> do you think about it every day? >> no. i really have put it in the past to a large extent. and i went on with my career in the foreign service and served in a number of other exciting places. and so i recall it occasionally. but it's not something i live with every deism i was looking at video out of iran on friday. there were big demonstrations on the street, burning of the american flag ncelebration of this event. on behalf of the country there, celebrating the fact that this happened. i am curious your thoughts after
9:42 am
working with the state department so long, what do you think of our relationship and where it stands with iran? how different or similar is it to where it stood in 1979? >> i think it's really misguided of the iranians to celebrate this day. the united states and iran had a long history of friendship t. really has been a tragedy that we have been in these times of broken relations for the last tray years -- 33 years. i would say at the time of the hostage crisis, the carter administration was demonstrating a weak foreign policy and ambivalent foreign policy. it was really the election of ronald reagan which led to our being released. the iranians realized that the american people and the american government was serious. now we look today and we see that the iranians are violating their commitments under the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. we have centri fiewjs enriching
9:43 am
uranium to a point you can only believe is going to lead to them building a nuclear weapon. at this point, they see ambivalence in the u.s. foreign policy and they don't see any particular reason to stop. we have tightened the sanctions, based on what was done in congress and the administration and those are starting to bite. but i wish we had gone to sanctions, these kines of very punishing sanctions a bit earlier, maybe we might see results by now. >> i am going to take a break but i am going to bring you back after that break because i would like to ask you about what happened in benghazi. some have suggested that history is repeating itself. 1979, to 2012, both years we saw an ambationz dormurderred. i would like to get your thoughts on that. quick commercial break and we'll be right back. ♪
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>> back with us, a former iran
9:47 am
hostage, a consulate officer when he was taken captain by militants that ran over the embassy there. don, 1979 was the year where we hadap ambassador killed, murdered in afghanistan. now we have that also happening in 2012, in benghazi. as you have watched this story in benghazi unfold, what goes through your mind? what are your thoughts? >> it was really very disappointing because one of the first thing i i heard was that the security in benghazi was limited because of considerations for foreign policy. we didn't want it to seem like an armed camp. we wanted to regularize our relationship. and these were the same sorts of things that i heard in tehran when we were talking about why our security profile was so low key there. and the reality is is that we should have learned the lesson and most cases, we have. in 99% of our missions oversea, security is provided by the host
9:48 am
government and they provide good and solid, adequate security. in the 1% case where is they can't, we have to provide the security on our own. and we do that, in iraq, in afghanistan, in some other places overseas. in those places where the government can't provide the security and we can't provide the security, there is no reason to have a mission there. the mission needs to close. -- >> that policy, don, when you watcha what had happened happenn cairo at the embassy there, in been ben at our consulate and a variety of embassy locations around september 11, how do you respond when people ask, is history repeating itself? is this 1979 all over again? >> we saw in cairo, after a day or two, the egyptian government absolutely stepped in and provided the kind of security that we needed. so cairo is a slightly different case. but in benghazi, we see that the government there is not capable of providing the security that
9:49 am
we needed there and so, you have a tragedy which was in some senses avoidable and goes beyond the deaths of that's four very brave americans. it really is a foreign policy failure. and so, you need to tie the issue of adequate security for the compound for the larger issue of what our foreign policy is and what our foreign policy image is overseas. >> i would love to have that discussion with you in the future. it's a big discussion and one that we want to have. it's great to have nuthe program. thank you for sharing your thoughts, your memories today. we look forward to having you back. >> thank you for having me. >> amazing memory there is from 33 years ago. wow. one crucial swing state is getting all kinds of attention. the final efforts in ohio to capture those undecided, last-minute voters. it ♪
9:50 am
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iment president obama and mitt romney trying to convince any undecided voters with just two days until election day. we go to obama for america. i have asked this question before, if after four years of an obama administration, there are still undecided voters out there, this race is a tie, in all the national polls, why are those people undecided if this president deserves re-election? do you think they will vote for him? >> well, we know that they're just as favorable toward the president, in fact, more so than they are toward governor romney. you are right to point out, it's
9:54 am
a small sliver of the electorate swreesm a small lead. that's why mitt romney is looking desperately for 270 electoral votes because he's notified -- finding them. the president is making the final argument on the stump. new hampshire, biggest political event in new hampshire's history, talking about the past four years, digging out the greatest recession since the great depression, 5.4 million jobs have been created, manufacturing is growing, g.m. is back, housing prices up up and foreclosures are down and he is working on restoring the economic security of the middle class. that's the goal of the next term. >> what about the political implications of the benghazi crisis isn't president tries to portray him as a strong, connected leader, everything, moving the levers of government when needed. we saw pictures from the white house situation room, released
9:55 am
this week of him handling the crisis brought by super storm sandy. but repeated requests for pictures from the situation room the night of the benghazi attack have not been answered. why? >> well, i think americans have seen the crisis in the past four years. in the past four years this, president promised to end the war in iraq in a responsible way, to revokous al qaeda, more than 20 al qaeda -- >> but the question -- the question is -- >> this administration -- >> the question is -- [overlapping dialogue] >> let me tell you, when it comes to benghazi, when it comes to benghazi, the president has commanded the state department to put together an independent review board to find out exactly what happened, exactly what went wrong and insure that it never happens again. governor romney on the world stage has been unsteady, he alienated our closest ally in a series of foreign policy
9:56 am
speeches and never mentioned al qaeda. he hasn't outline aid plan to deal with counter terrorism and a u.s. relations with norg africa. you have a lot of chest pumping but not a lot of specific plans when it comes to foreign policy. >> why did the national security staff apparently not respond to the cable of august 16 in which the president -- the staff was asking for more security? >> well, i believe that the cia has denied that report. but that's what this independent review is all about, getting to the bottom of what happened and to insure that it never happens again. the american people can rest assured that the president of the united states is going to do that. >> for the obama for america campaign, ben, thank you. >> thanks, john. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold... i took dayquil, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny noses. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have an antihistamine.
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it is down to the wire as both campaigns push full steam ahead in the key battleground states just two days before the election. welcome back to america's news headquarters. a special edition happening now. it is is sunday. i'm glad you you are with us. i'm jenna lee. >> and we been pushed back an hour are by the clock. >> if you pay attention to the old time. >> you're right. i'm jon scott. the candidates barnstorming their way across the country. president obama making stops today in new hampshire, florida, ohio and colorado. governor romney attendle rallies in iowa, ohio, virginia and pennsylvania. four and a half years since governor romney had this to say after dropping out of his first campaign for president. >> i hate to lose! >> well, he never gave up and earlier today in iowa he laid out his closing argument. >> talk is cheap. but a record is real and it is earned with real effort.
10:01 am
change -- you can't measure change in speeches. you measure change in achievements. the question of this election comes down to this -- do you want four more years like the last four years or do you want real change? look, president obama promised change but he couldn't deliver it. i not only promise change, i have a record of achieving it. >> everybody is hard at work today. we have live team fox coverage. wen dalwendel s in new hampshie traveling with the president and john roberts is live in cleveland where governor romney will be holding another rally shortly. wendel? >> as you point out, the president making his closing argument in battleground states, none more important than ohio which he will visit today and tomorrow. he s in new hampshire today which only has four electoral votes but they are critical given how close the race is.
10:02 am
the president hoping to deny mitt romney a path to the 270 votes he needs to win the white house. 270 electoral votes. former president clinton is with mr. obama at some stops like the one here in concord new hampshire and is headlining other rallies on his own lending his considerable popularity to the effort. mr. clinton says mr. obama's response to superstorm sandy is proof he can work with republicans even if they are republican city and state leaders instead of those in congress. president clinton also reminded the last time the budget was balanced a democrat was in the white house and mr. obama suggests his poll issues are close to those of mr. clinton and that mitt romney opposed them. >> president clinton's economic plan asks the wealthiest americans to pay a little bit more to reduce the deficit and invest in the skills and ideas of our people. at the time, the republican congress and a certain senate candidate by the name of mitt
10:03 am
romney said bill clintons it plan would hurt the economy and kill jobs. sounds familiar, doesn't it? >> now, poll puts the race for new hampshire foss four elect yoel are votes dead even. >> mitt romney closed the gap some what in ohio. the president only a two-point lead there. that is progress for mitt romney but the obama campaign counting on running out the clock. jenna? >> something to watch for today especially in new hampshire. thank you very much. >> john roberts is is traveling with the romney campaign. what is going on there? >> hey, jon, good afternoon. just getting the warm-up going for governor romney's appearance just outside of cleveland just by the airport, as a matter of fact. this is so, so, so important
10:04 am
that the final poll before election day, president obama at 50% and governor romney at 48%. small margin of error but the numbers still within the margin of error. 1.6 million people have voted already are in ohio. difficult to tell how that vote breaks down because a lot of registrations are not up-to-date and an awful lot of unaffiliated voters. look at the coverage on the front page of the cleveland plain dealer it is all about ohio and president obama here today and tomorrow and governor romney the statement. on the stump making his closing arguments earlier today in des moines, iowa and he will repeat that here talking about the idea that he will be serious when it comes to reducing the deficit. here is the governor. >> we going to cut, not just slow the rate of growth but actually caught nonsecurity discretionary spending by 5% because i'm not just going to take office on january 20. i'm going to take responsibility for the office
10:05 am
as well. >> it is interesting the different themes he is adopting in the closing hours of the campaign. co--opted a couple of things that president obama used four years agorgeous he would be the president of one nation no, red states and no blue states and governor romney also reaching back to the 1980s and president regan's message of sunny optimism and using that as a way to contrast himself with president obama. >> he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he s offering excuses. i've got a plan. i can't wait to get started. he is hoping we'll settle. americans don't settle. we build. we aspire. we dream. we can do better. a better america.
10:06 am
a stronger america is ahead. >> very ri reminiscent of ronad reagan. when we look at the way of how we know the early voting is breaking down, governor romney going need a big turnout on election day, jon, if he hopes to win but remember it is all about ohio, jon. >> it really is. seems that way every four years. john roberts in cleveland. thank you. >> nice cover of the newspaper there and governors us local flavor. the race for the white house comes down to reaching the 270 votes in the electoral college. the latest analysis by the new york times gives the president a nearly 84% chance of winning the electoral college. according to the times the only way governor romney will win is considering if the state by state poll numbers have a bias of some sort. that would be the only way according to the new york times
10:07 am
that governor romney could eek out a victor arery. the real clear politics national polling average shows something different, a virtual tie with the president just 2/10 point ahead of governor romney. governor haley barbour is the former chairman of the republican national committee and the former governor of the great state of mississippi. welcome back to the program. >> thank you very much, jenna. >> i would like to ask you about the interview where you said really what we have seen with hurricane sandy broke mitt romney's momentum. tell us why? >> if you go back to the summer, the last friday in july it looked like all of the momentum was with obama. by the end of august, romney had caught up and passed obama. by the end of september, obama everything had gone his way. by the last friday in october, romney had had a spectacular october and everything was going his way. then bank, this hurricane hits and it is like a big blackout on the campaign. nobody is talking about the economy and jobs, taxes,
10:08 am
spending. deficits. debt. obama care. energy. all that just got wiped off the page for four or five days and that had the effect of getting everybody's mind off the election. that started over here in the last day or so. >> that is the funny thing about momentum. i'm sure you experience this, governor. one day you have it and the other day you don't but you can get it back. how lasting do you think the effect it on the romney campaign? >> nothing obama did broke romney's momentum. all the way through october obama would attack and attack and be very condescending. didn't help. in fact, it may have hurt him with women. but the blackout took all this off people's minds and now we are seeing who kind of gets the momentum back going. it is very, very close and the new york times i guess i shouldn't be surprised by what gets written in the "new york times" but almost every one of
10:09 am
these battleground states the polling is within the margin of error. very few polls has obama got over 50% of the vote. normally a president in the last poll he gets about all he s going to get. what is left undecided very rarely decide to vote for the incumbent that they have, nope full yell for four years. i'm he a little struck by the new york times rendition of this. because i think it is an incredibly close race. i think it wouldn't be close if it hadn't been for the hurricane. i told somebody if obama is reelected they ought to call him president sandy. >> let's talk about the hurricane briefly here. you are in a state that has been affected by hurricanes before and there has been a lot of criticism thrown at governor chris christie from republicans saying listen you gave the president a huge photo op and looking bipartisan and that will give the president a better picture going into the final days of the campaign. what do you think of the criticism of chris cristie and
10:10 am
what has happened with his state. >> he is one of romney's biggest supporters. his first job is as governor of new jersey. they will be partnered with the state and federal government not for weeks, months but for years. i think the criticism is hugely overblown. the left is trying to make it appear that obama has done something good. cristie is doing what any good manager would do if you have someone for a partner for the next few week and if he s not reelected,. >> i was told to praise in public, criticize in it private. the failure on my part is that the left has tried to interpret that that this is somehow saying obama has done something. the administration has very,
10:11 am
very, very little to do in the first few days other than the president being a cheerleader. the real effort from the federal government under the stafford act is weeks, months and years down the road. so far, the federal government has done very little to help any of these states and that s not a criticism of obama. that is just the way disaster relief works. >> and that s a good reminder for us as we watch. sounds like you had a good high school football coach. were you any good, by the way, governor, on the field? >> i was a little thinner and ran a little better. >> it is football sunday so i had to get that question in there. nice to have you with us. we appreciate you as always and would like to have you back. >> spoken as a governor who handled katrina. >> jobs and the economy fell opt heels of the october jobs report. what do the candidates need to tell voters in the final hours before we go to the polls?
10:12 am
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10:15 am
iit the biggest issue of te election, putting americans back to work. on friday we received the latest national jobs report. the unemployment rate kicked up slightly to 7.9%. the economy added 171,000 jobs for context of just above what we need to do to keep up with population growth. 23 million americans remain un employed or underemployed and that is a sticky that stuck for a long time. if you lost your job today on average it would take you until next august to find one. maybe you find one sooner but maybe it takes you a lot longer. we will talk about that with the former director of the congressional budget office and president of the american action forum. what changes that and makes that timeline if you lost your job today, one that is more normal if you will? not one that would take until next august to find a new job?
10:16 am
>> well, we to have more vigorous economic growth. we are growing right now, something that looks like 1.5 or 2 percentage points at best each year and the deto get the business community really moving in a faster pace. what we saw in the third quarter was business investment falling and we have seen business confidence fall and we can't have rapid growth in those circumstances. whoever is elected the next president the top focus has to be the business community and getting rid of some of the things they are afraid of. big tax increases at the end of the year. the debt explosion they already experienced. we need to take on those problems. >> and both presidential candidates promise a lot. does it really matter who s elected president? does one man make so much of a diving for cover rinse in the difference in the economy? >> it is going to matter for the the next presidency. we will have to have a very big correction in the future budgets and have to have real spending reforms that we haven't seen before and the two candidates have different views
10:17 am
about how you that should be done and what types of reforms in the entitlement programs are appropriate. what kind of tax reform is necessary. they have differing views on that. the kinds of policies will be different. it is a big election. >> some suggested we are in a new normal for this economy 86 know you heard this argument before. more than 3.5 million americans have now been unemployed for a year or more and we know as you have been nor unemployed it is harder to get hired. some casey anthonys you are getting older and -- many some cases you are getting older and that makes it more difficult to get back in the workforce. how do we get that 3.5 million people back in the workforce or will they be forever underemployed in the economy? >> the whole notion of the new normal. one part is cynical packaging to explain away bad reports. the second part there is some truth to.
10:18 am
in the aftermath of big financial crises economies recover more slowly. you don't take detours on healthcare reform and big regulatory at the epa or the whole bunch of things we seen the administration do. you instead focus exclusively on those things that will have the economy grow more rapidly. that is the only hope for those workers. more rapid economic growth. >> not only the presidential election, of course, on tuesday but congressional as well. how much does that matter and for what economic policies or what kind of future economy we will see? >> we know it matters a lot. look at the difference in the kind of things that passed the house of representatives before and after the 2010 election. a different set of approaches to our economic problems. i think the most important races are going to be the senate races. we have seen a senate that for years has accomplished essentially nothing and depending on how the election turns out the senate is going to be the most important body in addressing the big problems that we have. >> and the same senate that went on recess for the election
10:19 am
period is back with i think about six week left of work once the election cycle is over to try to tackle some of these problems and this fiscal cliff that we are talking so much about. doug, we will have you back to talk about that i'm sure. thank you for today. >> thank you, jenna. >> well, this presidential election could come down to a key voting bloc. we are talking about women. which candidate is currently ahead among female voters and why? we will get into that straight ahead. but first, wisconsin one of several states that could swing either way in tuesday's election. why the paneller state ultimately could -- why the badger state ultimately could decide who wins the white house. we'll get into it, next.
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
two days to go until we elect our next president. we have been talking about is so long it is hard to believe it is two days away. we are taking a close look at the states that could be the make or break ones in the race for the white house. today, wisconsin. voters in the bagarre state have picked the winner in the -- the badger state picked the winner in the last 5 of 8 presidential contests. wisconsin carries 10 of the 270 electoral votes. the unemployment rate there 7.3%. gas prices clocking in below the national average, $3.39 a gallon. sense april the president has campaigned in wisconsin five times and governor romney has been there twice and, of course, congressman paul ryan hails from janesville wisconsin. the real clear politics average has the president in at 50.4% and governor romney at 36.2. craig gilbert is a national
10:24 am
political reporter for the "milwaukee journal sentinel." is the race in wisconsin closer than the polls would suggest because the romney campaign believes they have a real chance there. the polls aren't exactly razor thin? >> some of them are and some of them aren't. the most discouraging thing in the polls for romney is that he hasn't led in a single september or october poll in wisconsin. he has been tied in some of them. that is not a good sign obviously but wisconsin is one of the states that republicans think or argue they can outperform the polls because of the intensity of the republican base which is definitely there in wisconsin and they hope to have a turnout edge and the ryan factor at the top of the ticket. wisconsin s an intriguing state for a variety of reasons including the way it swung back and forth between the two parties for the past four years. >> republicans had some experience in the ground game when it came to the recall election that tried to put governor scott walker out of office. republicans point to that and say we are pretty good at this
10:25 am
stuff. >> people in both parties will tell you that the republican ground game is very proficient and the democratic ground game s pretty proficient, too. they have been going at it these two parties more elections than any other state has had in the last year, last two years. they are very good and very he experienced and know how to turn their voters out. certain isly the republicans can count on both the motivation of the voters and on i think the proficiency of their ground game. that is why they think they are in the hunt in wisconsin. >> isn't it true, governor -- i'm sore arery, that congressman ryan in his district his district voted for president obama the last time around and in his district elected congressman ryan. >> it will be interesting to see how the ticket performs in his congressional district. we only have 8 congressional districts, whatever paul ryan adds to the ticket in his district will help him
10:26 am
statewide. that will be an interesting number to watch. >> what is the big issue in wisconsin? >> the same as everywhere else. it is jobs. look at something like the auto bailout is not at the level -- it doesn't have the profile it has in michigan and ohio. but there are some jobs in wisconsin that depend on the auto industry. a huge manufacturing state compared to other states. so those are big issues. but, you know he, it is really about the economy and we are kind of in a grey zone in terms of the economic performance in the last year or two where unemployment rate is below the national average but job growth also below the national average. nothing about the economy would sort of necessarily dictate that wisconsin would be a better state for republicans or democrats. >> the economy still issue number one all across the country. craig gilbert from the "milwaukee journal sentinel." thanks for coming on with us. >> my pleasure. >> tuesday's winner could be decided by women. president obama saw his lead among the crucial voting bloc shrink in the past month. who has the lead now?
10:27 am
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i can tell you that childhood is a magical time. but for children with diabetes, life is not quite so carefree. the barbara davis center for childhood diabetes is fighting hard to find a cure. know the signs: irritability, excessive urination, weight loss. if you have any of these signs, please call your doctor. early detection can save your life. give to save lives and reach for the cure. call now or log on to well, women we make up more than half of the u.s. electorate. so president obama and governor romney have been working hard to win oh he veronica moser this key demographic. dem graph -- over this key demographic. i tell jon we are more important.
10:31 am
>> you outnumber us. simple math. >> we will talk about that with the next guest. early in the race many polls gave president obama a commanding lead with women voters but after the first debate in early october a pugh research center poll showed the margin shrunk to only a few percentage points. a new poll while mitt romney was holding steady with women voters president obama gained a few points back. we are having some technical difficulties and we will throw up the polls when we can. the former chair worm of the republican party of virginia. author of divider in chief the floyd of hope and change so we have an idea on her point of view and coming in as well with us democratic pollster margie omero president of momentum analysis llc. this is not planned by the way the color coordination. thank you, ladies for all of the same wavelength. >> let me show the poll in the intro. you can see that basically in september you saw the big gap among women voters and in
10:32 am
october shrank a little bit more. governor romney gained some and the president lost some. in the latest poll, governor romney holding steady and the president gaining some of that ground back. kate, do you you think this really has to do with women voters or has the race overall just become tighter? >> oh o, i think it has very specifically to do with women voters and i think there are couple of reasons we have seen the tightening from 13 percentage points which obama won women by in 2008 to what it is right now. some where are between two and five or six percentage points. two fold. one is that obama has been con dcoulda sending to women throughout the entire race. is stephanie cutter are saying they don't care what happened with the economy, vote like your lady parts about it and the infamous beaners, trying to make a big deal out of that. mitt romney all along has been saying that the economy is important to women.
10:33 am
obama has not been able to villify him. he was been able to convince people that he is not the big scary beast that the democrats have tried to convince women that he s through their scare tactics. >> is it the national tightening of the polls or like kate just said the strategy that worked for mitt romney and maybe hasn't worked as well for the president? >> well, yes, after the first debate you saw the race tighten with both men and women and the gender gap which is the difference between men and women support for obama stayed the same throughout the end of september and through now. so you are in it a situation now where the president has an advantage with women. an advantage consistently with women. i'm not sure what kate is talking about and how women think that the president is con condescending. you have mitt romney who cannot answer how he feels about equal pay to this day. ed gillespie said after the debate here is where mitt
10:34 am
romney is on equal pay. actually i take it back. he doesn't have a position on equal pay. he is still unable to say how he feels about it. he blamed single moms who work incredibly hard for why there s gun crime. there is a lot of things that the romney campaign has done. he did. go back and look at the tape. clearly said if we have fewer single moms we will not have so much gun crime and paul ryan said the same thing. at any rate you you have is consistently seen the president with a clear advantage with women. we are going to see an advantage with women on election day? >> all women, margie in your mind? we talk about the women vote but there is breakdowns. married women and single women. which voting bloc among women in general do you think the president will win and why do you think that is key to his victory potentially on tuesday? >> sure. well, a few things. first there has been a gender gap since 1980 and we may see a
10:35 am
situation where the president wins by winning women and losing with men which hasn't happened since 1996 with bill clinton. that may happen on tuesday. women are not the monolithic. i don't think any one thinks women are months of private sector enlightic as a group. married women tend to be more conservative and unmarried women tend to be more democratic. women have really swung a lot contribution women that is voted for are obama in 2008 and then voted republican in 2010 and then moved back to the mid. >> let me ask you about that as well. where does mitt romney have the strength among women and margie listed the accusations the campaign made against mitt romney. a huge editorial in the new york times how romney would treat women that goes through the lists. what does romney need to do over the next several days to secure a strong woman vote?
10:36 am
>> one of the reasons why women flocked to him in 2008 was the promise to unite us and not divide us and in 2010 rim voted for the republicans for the first time since 1982 because they were disgusted by the president's division and scare tactics. what we are seeing right now is -- >> go ahead, kate. >> we are seeing an absolute shift. i can't believe that margie is suggesting we haven't. an 18 point gap before the first debate and now down to 2 and 25%. a shift -- 2 and 5%. the new york times reported yesterday we are seeing a shift from obama to romney because of this sort of direct approach that romney has taken with women acknowledgeing that their concerns are the economy, the debt and jobs. people are expecting them and carrying on -- >> two smart women in politics and then we got to go. it is not a partisan question in general. in recent h history women have become more politically active than men and i'm curious what
10:37 am
you think that means? why and is that something new you in american politics here to stay? quickly margie, you first and then kate. >> i think it is fantastic to see women engage and run aring for office and working in politics, women involved in their communities. they vote at higher rates than men and i think it is important to remember that women really are a majority of the elector ate and have a huge voice and i like to see women run for office whether they are democrat or republican, whether i agree with them or not i think it is great and he i encourage women out there watching to vote on tuesday and think about running for office down the road. >> kate? >> right now in particular you are seeing women get even more involved and more vocal because of the economy and because of the oppressive debt they are seeing passed on to the future generations and you are seeing a lot more women on the conservative side running for office and getting involved because of some of these incredible role models throughout like susanna martinez and nicky haley and sarah palin and michele bachmann that there are a lot
10:38 am
of women throughout who are now -- women are realizing hey, we don't walk in lock step and maybe the conservative side is something for us to consider because we are sick of being patronized and we are concerned about the economy and our children's future. >> we look forward to having you back as always. >> thank you. >> now, that you have done that segment, i want you to explain women to be after the show. >> jon, i try every day and just has the same result. just kidding. come on. >> i'm a guy. what can i bay you are dude, that is what happens. >> superstorm sand yan long road to recovery. tens of thousands of people whose homes have been damaged are going need housing. even where homes remain standing the cold weather making it impossible to stay without heat. so far, 122,000 people registered for disaster assistance. some areas of new jersey still covered in water and where the flood waters reseeded there is a thick layer of sand or slippery mud. the state making a few steps
10:39 am
toward normalcy with progress on commuter rail repairs and schools to open. commuters dealing with an odd day even day system to ration gas. nearly two million homes and businesses across the region still without electricity. many may not have power restored for another several days. >> the first few days they were pretty i think a lot easier now. i think it is really wearing on people. the houses are getting really cold. the nights are getting a lot colder. so, you know, sooner the better. >> mass transit slowly getting back on track but with the schools open again and widespread fuel shortages making a bad situation worse, drivers waiting on hours for are just a few gallons of gasoline. some drives may be forced to leave their cars home, making monday's commute difficult at best. you hear a lot about who is ahead in the polls leading up to the election. how much stock should you really place in the numbers that we just keep on getting
10:40 am
and keep on giving to you? a look back be at how accurate the polls have been and how accurate they are likely to be this time around. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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throughout the night on tuesday, twitter with keep tall tail track of peak eleeks candidates and state by state analysis and we will report that back to you to get a picture of what is happening on tuesday.
10:44 am
take look at twitter activity the last 4 hours. 1.5 million tweets that are election election related. peaking yesterday around 4:00 p.m. more than 1800 tweets per minute. picking up speed going into the election. thetics the first being energy and environment. one are the reason is because of the gas lines after superstorm sandia. that is one of the reasons it is a top trending topic. the economy a close second. the big jobs report on friday. something big to do with the election, of course. third, foreign policy. discussions of libya, the terror attack there. that got 18%, just under 19% as far as trending topics and indication of terrorism rounded out the top five. as traffic is spiking we will get closer to the election and take a look at what numbers are standing out to us. the previous record for politics on twitter was the first debate, 10 million tweets. we could break that on tuesday. is also a closer look on tweets from some of your favorite fox news personalities like jon scott for example and political heavy weights as well. michelle obama tweeting four years ago our country elected @
10:45 am
barack obama. let's do it again. new hampshire governor john lynch asked who they would rather see kid rock at the monday romney event in new hampshire or bill clinton. is the tweet from junk lynch. @ joe trippi says that although both campaigns believe they can get over 300 electoral votes someone is right and someone is very wrong. well, said by joe trippi. go to fox news .com for complete online and social media coverage. we have that all for you on tuesday night. we see so many polls in the lead up to a presidential election but just how accurate are they in predicting who wins and why do they vary so widely? check out the two national polls taken over pretty much the same time period. national journal has the president up by five points but
10:46 am
the gallup polling company has governor romney up by five. exactly the opposite. we also have shown you the average of national polls and they all even out and it is a dead heat and for a little color just days before the 1980 election jimmy carter was up six points over governor ronald reagan. we all know he how that race turned out. here to make sense of it all, peter brown assistant director of the quinnf quinnipiac pollin institute. and jennifer. jennifer why so much variety. take the gallup poll discrepancy. a five point swing. actual lay ten point swing between two polls. why? >> because in the final days of the campaign what the polls can't take into account is the meat of the election that is the emotion in the closing arguments being resources is nateed to the voters. you saw last night obama,
10:47 am
romney in different states making their closing arguments. those were arguments about trust. those were arguments about fear. those were arguments that hit the core of the emotion of the elector ate. captain be measured in a poll. the polls are done. the real poll is on tuesday and that is going to show who they trusted, which closing argument really sealed the deal for are those voters. >> all right. so peter, you know, the democratic model of who they call when they are looking to do internal democratic party polling is very different apparently from the republican model. 2008 a lot of democrats surged to the polls. people say there isn't going be that kind of enthusiasm this time around. the question is which party has the more accurate polling model? >> well, that is the question. it is very simple. the republicans think the electorate will be a little whiter and a little older than the democrats do.
10:48 am
and race and age are are two aspects of the electorate that are important in figuring out who wins the election. mr. obama is going to do well among african americans, 96-97%. he will get 70% of the hispanic vote. will mr. romney be able to get 70% of the white vote. the model you use that blends those together is why you a disparity in the polls from gallup and the other poll had. it is how you see the electorate and the different groups becoming a larger or smaller part of the electorate compared to last time. >> making an assessment as to which side has it right? >> no, to be candid. joe trippe is a smart guy. he is right. somebody is going to be right and somebody is going to be wrong on wednesday morning. it is hard to know exactly who. >> i was going to say, you know
10:49 am
he these polls, of course, are measuring the national averages so they are a better indicator of how the popular vote may go. to look at the electoral college which is all that matters now you have to look at the state by state polls and many of those are a dead heat and that is really what matters and that is where you have romney pulling ahead. that is where you have a risk being taken in pennsylvania an expansion of the battleground that probably truthfully should have been made a month ago when the bailey's bicker poll showed that the economic data was se in states beyond the battle ground states that were being discussed by the national punditry that the romney campaign probably should have looked at that and said based on state models this map could be bigger. >> jennifer donahue from gettysburg college and peter from quinnipiac. like for instance the new york daily news. guess what? when have endorsed mitt romney.
10:50 am
>> a surprise. if case you are not familiar with the nuce pape. they endorsed president obama four years ago. >> an interesting argument they make as well. >> they say that jobs, jobs jobs is where it counts. >> well, we'll see again on tuesday. is the day that matters most. in the meantime, it was 33 years guy to the day when a group of angry proteters, some describe them as militants and some describe them as students. either way they stormed the u.s. embassy in iran and took americans host and. we will talk to one of those held captive. we will ask him why he i is so sure, coming up. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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10:53 am
celebrations in iran.
10:54 am
333 years to the day after militants stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran and took 52 americans hostage. they were held for are 444 days. allegedly made to endure brutal interrogations. i shouldn't say allegedly. had to endure brutal interrogations. imagine how that was when someone holds a gun to your head and pulls a trigger and it doesn't go off. don was one of the hostages. are we do know that that did happen. tell us about your experience. >> the mock execution happened about 2:00 in the morning. came in and got us and had masks on and blind us against the wall and blind folded us and started chambering rounds. they said get down to down on r knees and i figured i was dead anyway so i said if you are going to shoot meow are going to shoot me standing up and
10:55 am
they started leading us off to different places. i went into a room where another guy strip searched me and they took us back to the little cubicles. >> what does this day mean to you? >> well, jenna, to be truthful, i didn't think about it until you people called yesterday and i realized that today was the fourth of november. and it was 33 years ago. >> well, we don't mean to bring up any terrible memories. it is just that when we saw this day, without we really need to talk about it because iran is in the news all the time. even now 33 years later and sometimes it feels very similar to some of the news coverage of 1979. how do you see it, don? you know, people say sometimes that's history seems to be repeating itself. do you see that today? >> yes, do i. and i agree with don cook that you had on earlier that the sanctions were too little and
10:56 am
too late and we should have been a lot harsher on them a long time ago. we lost a lot of americans due to iranian planning and shooting people. 200 some marines. army colonel. we just lost so many people. >> yeah. just real quick here, don, why don't you think things have changed that much? >> they have been allowed to go on their are way and build this little empire that they are building over there and they have their fingers in the middle east and oil is a big thing. i just unless we get a little harsher as in president regan that things aren't really going to change and they going to --and their arehe that of arena of influence over there. >> we appreciate the time today and you sharing your story and we thank you for your service
10:57 am
as well that is what you werer doing over in iran. thank you, don. >> thank you, ma'am. >> we'll be back. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. ... up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. and by the time i get up in the morning, i feel great! if you have back pain, toss and turn at night or wake up tired with no energy, the sleep number bed could be your solution. the sleep number bed's secret is it's air chambers which provide ideal support and put you in control of the firmness.
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